We see every artwork as a living and evolving entity. How it is presented impacts how it is experienced. It is always possible to reinvent and reinvigorate an artwork, and experience it in a completely new way.


Hirsch and Associates continues to honor the mission and high standards set by its founder Oliver Hirsch.  Oliver, an NYU professor of exhibition design, opened Hirsch & Associates in 1992 as a way to combine his training as an archival framer with Bernard Walsh, along with his exhibition expertise. 

We work directly with New York's finest conservators of paper, photographs, sculptures and objects to ensure that all art is respectfully and meticulously preserved before being prepared for display.  Clients, from private collectors to galleries and museums, continue to seek Hirsch & Associates’ services because they have come to trust our highly trained art associates through the phases of preservation, design and display.



Marcia’s background has always been in the museum, art and conservations worlds. Early on, she studied anthropology which led her to work in museums - the Museum of the National Congress in Brazil and El Museo del Barrio in New York City. Later, she completed her masters of Museum Studies to delve deeper into exhibition design and collections management.

Her husband Oliver Hirsch started Hirsch & Associates in 1992 and she began working with him there in 1998. She’s been running the business since 2007 and loves the standard of work the company aspires to for their clients.

There are many wonderful elements to the work created by Hirsch. Marcia loves the creative challenge of presenting art work to not only look its finest but also to preserve it so that it outlives the current era.

Beauty is what moves her, and she believes the function of art is to create emotions in people. Art exists to provoke.


Our vision is your artwork at its finest, our hands are our tools to get there


Julie is a ceramic artist who studied printmaking at Ringling Art School in Sarasota. Since school she’s been working with framing and has designed at various leading frame-making shops. Julie loves to draw and has the mind of an engineer. When clients come with custom design requests, Julie finds ways to bring their ideas into material existence. Julie has been part of the Hirsch team since 2008.

David Nakabayashi

David is a contemporary artist and plein aire painter who recently joined Hirsch & Associates after relocating to New York City from El Paso. David seamlessly uses his artistic skills to create solutions for framing, displays and installations. He’s also an incredibly quick study - show him something once, and David somehow understands it instantly.

Neena Henderson

Neena is our office manager, bookkeeper, operations manager and analytical thinker who has been working at Hirsch since 2006. Having studied Mathematics at Dartmouth in New Hampshire, we trust her objective eye with every business decision we need to make.

Matthew Roque

Matthew joined Hirsch & Associates in 2014 as a recent college graduate. His background in Art History had given rise to a curiosity in art presentation, specifically fine art framing. While he is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work, he remains at Hirsch due to his continued love of art and dedication to the company’s mission.