CUSTOM Projects

Hirsch & Associates has a reputation for finding solutions to display problems that nobody else can figure out. With years of experience in fabrication, framing and installation, our expertise falls far beyond the realm of traditional framing. We are able to fabricate anything ranging from small-scale mounts to large display vitrines, and because we know that tastes change over time, our processes are completely reversible so that artworks can be securely removed from their displays. Our deep understanding of materiality ensures that we can quickly and accurately determine which materials and techniques are most appropriate for the project at hand. Examples of past projects include the design and construction of unique dioramas to display a collection of antique French toy soldiers, the crafting of custom jewel boxes to house heirloom handheld mirrors, and the creation of acrylic mounts for a variety of Native American ceremonial head pieces At Hirsch, we genuinely love a challenge, and will happily rise to the occasion. 


Hirsch & Associates created a diorama for a collection of model soldiers. Our client requested that we depict a processional scene featuring marching bands through a Belgian village. The client asked to feature part of his collection on a plinth so that each soldier could be viewed from all angles. We decided that a tiered plinth would be the most effective solution, as it provides a clear view of each individual soldier. Some dioramas were built without a painted backdrop in order to draw attention to soldiers and architectural features. Although each soldier is secured to the mount, they can be safely removed and returned to their original boxes. 

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