At Hirsch, we design and fabricate mounts to support a multitude of three-dimensional objects including tapestries, sculptures, books, scrolls, garments, and musical instruments. We believe that the mount should be as invisible as possible to avoid interfering with the object, and thus enhancing the viewing experience. Our mounts are made of clear materials or painted to match the object or case background in order to give the display piece its own visual “space”, so to speak. Due to the variety of objects we handle, we have devised innovative, conservationally-safe and cost-effective methods to mount just about anything.  


A client brought to us a rare first edition (1846) of "The Works” by the esteemed British political economist David Ricardo, as well as one of his signed letters. The client wanted to display both the book and the letter in a museum-quality vitrine. We matted the letter in a traditional window mat so that it resembled a plaque. We then custom built an acrylic mount for the book, and a smaller mount for the letter, and put them side-by-side under a custom-built tabletop case with a linen-wrapped base and UV-filtering acrylic bonnet.